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Before I founded Zelma Rose, I was a psychotherapist.  Well, first a fine artist, then a psychotherapist, and now the crazy businesswoman you see before you today.  While I no longer practice as a psychotherapist, I still love to wax intellectual about all things of the mind and offer psychologically minded business consultation and coaching to small business owners and companies through Lisa Anderson Shaffer Consulting. Just last year, Sarah was working at a non-profit thinking dreaming about becoming a professional photographer.  After meeting by chance at Renegade Craft Fair in July 2010, we started a blog last year named Awfully Grand.  It was an experiment meant to chronicle the beginnings of our businesses, including all the oh so glamorous ups and downs, leaps without looking, and sleepless nights associated with running your own show. We no longer post daily on AG anymore, but our blog and love of all things freelance has grown into a consulting and business boot camp known as Success Squad & Mind Your Business.

Success Squad is a monthly meeting held for Makeshift Society Members to present current business challenges and receive constructive and creative feedback from peers.  We love facilitating this group and are always inspired by the challenges and solutions that members pose. As facilitators, fellow business owners constantly approach us with questions about how we run and maintain our businesses and how we made the jump to completely change our game.  So we thought, why not come up with a class? Mind Your Business is our newest venture and partnership and is designed to help women take their business to the next level. Wherever you are in your business, we want you to feel confident, free to take risks, and make your dream a reality.  In short, we want you to MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

We have lined up an amazing group of speakers: Giselle – owner or the gorgeous store in NoPa called Rare Device, Maggie owner of an employee perks company called WhiskSF, Nicole a business strategist and PR expert that owns her own company, Karrie – video goddess and owner of VideoKard, Stephanie – fashion designer and owner of Honey Cooler Handmade that are going to talk about risk taking, branding, marketing, hiring employees, how to handle a big project and how to make your small business dreams come true!

Mind Your Business Class Promo from Sarah Deragon on Vimeo.

I’m excited to say that Mind Your Business kicks off March 9 & 10 at the Makeshift Society!  We have a great weekend planned full of inspiring speakers and fun activities designed to get you thinking and moving on your business goals for 2013.  We are all about action.  There are a lot of DIY business and marketing opportunities out there that give you questions and no answers.  What???!!  We love answers, direction, and action!  Be prepared to get going, take some risks and elevate your game.  It’s on!!

For more about Mind Your Business go to the class listing on the Makeshift Society website, and don’t forget to join us for our first Mind Your Business Twitter chat Tuesday February 19 at 3pm PST.  We will be using the #mindyourbusiness and moderating from @LisaAShaffer.  Follow along to meet our speakers and get a sense of what you will be in for March 9 & 10! For a taste of our philosophy, you can join Lisa for her Boundaries for Better Business Class on Wednesday February 27 at the Makeshift Society.