Members share a 1000 square foot private Clubhouse at 235 Gough Street where they can make, learn, teach, and think. The Clubhouse is located in Hayes Valley, close to some of the best shopping, food and drink in San Francisco. Visiting the Clubhouse easily incorporates into your day, and work never feels like a grind.

Members are free to bring in their own food and drink, or a sketchbook, that scarf they have been knitting forever, or comps from a website redesign that could use a second opinion. Ultimately, the clubhouse is a safe place to strike up a conversation without feeling like a stalker, and somewhere you can move around without fear of losing your seat.

The Space

We’re little, but mighty. The Clubhouse is organized into zones; when you visit, choose where to sit to suit your mood.

The front room has casual seating for working, talking, reading and relaxing.

We maintain a quiet zone of desks in the back if you need to focus.

There’s a loft with pillows for lounging upon. We understand if you feel the need to nap.

The space under the stairs is a pop-up retail kiosk to provide things you didn’t know you needed from brands you love.

Use our conference room for your client meetings or team pow-wows.


We think that hanging out in a comfortable space with great people is more important than a free pot of coffee. (That said, feel free to teach us how to make your special pour-over brew, or head over to the Blue Bottle kiosk – it’s right around the corner.)

Lockers are available to rent for those who need to stash their latest work project, gym shoes, or bottle of celebratory champagne (as long as you share).

The kitchenette is just big enough for warming or cooling your leftovers; science experiments found in the fridge will be… donated back to science.

Business-class WiFi is plentiful and available with the appropriate membership plan. (And an iMac is provided for anybody to use anytime, if you need to check your email.)

Printer? Projector? Of course.

We maintain a lending library of design, art and lifestyle books, and a selection of beautiful magazines for perusing in our window seat or reading nook.

Phone chargers are plentiful, so don’t worry about running out of batteries.

A fleet of PUBLIC bicycles (where fleet = two) is free to use to fetch your lunch or run an errand

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