Makeshift Society is an organization that fosters creativity, collaboration and community through a coworking space/clubhouse, innovative programming, and support for freelancers and small business owners. We want to enable everyone to make, learn, teach, and think.

Society members are curious and creative. They make with their heads and think with their hands. They come together to support each other’s projects, create new ones and find reprieve from the isolation many independent business owners experience. Members are influencers in their field and the ecosystem includes copywriters, photographers, bloggers, social media experts, accountants, PR consultants, brand consultants, retailers, community managers, event planners, web designers, as well as makers of all stripes.

Makeshift places a great deal of emphasis on peer learning and mentoring as well as connecting subject-matter experts to bolster each others’ businesses. The resulting environment is perfect for organically growing networks and inciting opportunities for collaboration.

Our San Francisco location opened in September 2012; a Brooklyn location is in the works for early 2014.