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Serena Schuler | Executive Producer, Writer, & Director

Serena Schuler is an award-winning writer, director, and series creator.  Inspired by her experience and research in the tech industry, she created the series Makeshift Society. She has been featured in Forbes, CIO, Microsoft Women in Business & Technology, and interviewed by esteemed tech journalist Sarah Lacy.  

Her films have screened at festivals internationally, and won awards at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, and the Rachel Bloom Comedy Challenge.  Previously, she created the series Cake Walk, now streaming on WhoHaha, created by Elizabeth Banks.  

Serena is a member of Women in Film, Alliance of Women Directors, and Cinefemme. She graduated with honors from Cornell, and received a masters in psychology from Columbia.

Maira Memmi, Producer

Maira Memmi | Producer

Maira Memmi is a local Bay Area Filmmaker & Producer. Born in France and raised in Mexico, Maira has always had a passion for using the power of story to shift perspectives and create positive change. She moved to the United States to pursue her passion of cinema, and found her home and career within the Bay Area film industry.

Maira has produced a variety of short films, commercials, and music videos and has worked as a production coordinator and locations coordinator for Netflix, ABC, and Amazon. Her most recent feature credits include Venom, Blindspotting, and All Day and a Night. 


Judy Loehr | Executive Producer

Judy Loehr has been building and investing in software as a service companies since 2000, in roles across product, marketing, and venture capital. She advises a portfolio of startups, all with women CEOs, and is excited about changing the narrative around women in tech with Makeshift Society.


Jenny Cheng | Advisory Board

An advisor and investor in startups, Jenny Cheng leads the merchants teams as a VP at PayPal. She is a Board Member of Loopio, member of the Athena Alliance, and dedicated to seeing more diverse stories told of women in tech.

Bonnie Crater | Advisory Board

As co-founder and CEO of Full Circle Insights, Bonnie Crater has supported the vision of Makeshift Society from the very beginning. She hopes to inspire the next generation of female founders with this story, and make lasting change.


Michelle Kantor | Associate Producer

Michelle Kantor co-founded Cinefemme, dedicated to creating gender parity in film and equal representation in the media.  She is an award-winning writer, director, and producer, whose industry credits include work for HBO, FYI, OWN, World of Wonder, The History Channel, Sony, Universal, and NASA.


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